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May 4, 2010


The Natural Order of Things

This recent article out of south Florida supports a number of recent posts I have made regarding the exposure of failed bank boards and officers and attendant thereto, Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage they had before take over or closure:  ARTICLE Call Prater & Associates today, 770-253-7778,  if you lost money in a failed bank, not only do shareholders have a possible cause of action but so to do depositors who lost interest money.

April 29, 2010


Calm Strength

Being quietly calm but ready to say what needed saying along with being quick-witted and good-humored but persistent paid off big today.  It is a better way to persuade than being over bearing and mean-spirited but right.  I have finally put into action all those Kung Fu episodes I watched as a child; an homage if you will  to Cain and his ‘master’.  || ||

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September 19, 2009


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Do not be afraid to discuss with the lawyer in candid terms any reservations you have in terms of experience of the lawyer, examples of successful results in similar cases, what the lawyer will do if the case is ‘too big’ for one lawyer to handle ~ any good lawyer will discuss associating another lawyer or firm in any matter and in most cases the fee will not change [only how the lawyers divide the same fee will change].

There is a great Consumer’s Guide written by a woman in Seattle, Washington called, Hiring a Great Lawyer: [click to it at right ->]

In her pamphlet she has an evaluation form that grades a lawyer from (5)[exceptional] to (1) [unsatisfactory] in 13 catagories [several of which I take exception] … but overall I scored a 58 out of 65 .

I graded out exceptional [the highest rating ~5] in 10 of the 13:
(1) Number of years practicing law (15+);
(2) Trial Experience (goes to trial several time a year);
(3) Wins at trial (dramatically exceed settlement offers);
(4) Understanding of or experience with injury cases that are similar to mine (frequently handles similar cases ~ not many I have not handled in quantity over the years);
(5) Quality of Website;
(6) Excellent Client Case Studies;
(7) Excellent Client References;
(8) Knowledgeable and Confident ;
(9) Understands Uniqueness of Every Case and Listens to Client;
(10)Staff is great.

I graded out “Exceeds Expectations” (4) in 1 of the 13:
(11) Specializes In Personal Injury Law because while I do not only do personal injury law I have years of actual trial experience, wins at trial (99%) and over (90% of the time I have dramatically exceeded settlement offers in those wins.
I graded out “Meets Expectations” (3)in 1 of the 13:
(12)Awards and Distinctions because while I am well known in this area for success at trial and I have had many awards and distinctions I have not been recognized by the news media to date.
go to the website posted and print off the grading sheet at the end of the pamphlet and do your own evaluation.
(13) I graded out unsatisfactory (1) in a single catagory, the area of published articles and public speaking: [there are only so many hours in a day adn I work approximately 11 hours a day 5 days a week and then several hours each weekend]

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