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February 26, 2010

TOYOTA LAWSUITS||Class Actions? Or Individual Consumer Suits?

THE BIG NATIONAL CLASS ACTION FIRMS HAVE FILED MULTIPLE CLASS ACTION SUITS AGAINST TOYOTA IN AN EFFORT TO BE THE FIRST TO BE CERTIFIED A CLASS ACTION.  Class action suits have their place in litigation but they often result in minimal return to the individual class member and huge attorneys fees to the lawyers.  The service they provide is that they keep corporations at least minimally honest.  Let’s face it:  if class actions did not exist or were substantially curtailed the United States business world would make the town business and politics in the HBO series “Deadwood” look like a church fellowship.  The problem with a vehicular class action is that each member has been substantially harmed in a significant financial way, the Toyota debacle is not something that a $10 coupon off your next purchase is going to fix.  It may be smarter for the individual to file suit … but then a million lawsuits will surely do the company in and it will file a chapter 11 bankruptcy in Northern Michigan and everyone will have to file for relief there or be subject to that Judge’s decision(s) to mandate that the suits proceed there.  WOW what a dilemma.  At any rate, the causes of action for an owner would include Breach of Warranty; Fraud in the Inducement to Buy; perhaps even RICO based on the floor mat excuse.  The first thing that needs to be done from this writer’s perspective is to get the guy or others out of jail that are there because nobody believed them when they said it was the car and not them that caused the wreck.

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