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February 12, 2010


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Could it get any better?

Of course I voted for him the last time, how could anybody have voted for the other candidate who would not divulge where he stood on a single issue?  But this legislation is almost 2 years late:  HELPING LOCAL BANKS !  And GA is way behind a number of other locations [read: Charlotte and SC] in the southeast in terms of our being a Global Financial, Manufacturing and Distribution Hub.  Eight years after a personable country vet won over voters because  “Arrogant Roy”  changed the flag and drug local school boards out of the fifties by ‘de-fifing’ their power, GA has not made a step toward modernizing itself as a progressive World Financial, Industrial, Distribution Center.  GA has not even started looking into the viability of high speed trains between Macon, Columbus, Valdosta, Rome, Augusta and Atlanta even though we got a million dollar grant to do just that?  Not even going to think about it?  What we do have is this great photo of our leader ‘grinning like he just like he is listening to the song “let the good times roll’.    And this year GA got “super speeder fines”; WOW what progress?

JMHO:  We/GA have regressed toward Mississippi and Alabama while the Carolinas have progressed toward dominating the southeastern United States in every phase of the economy.  I for one hope the two parties give us two good candidates to choose our next Governor.  Our Governor has got to get global in his or her thinking.  “cyphering the books” won’t cut it in the modern world.

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