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December 20, 2009


Filed under: VOTE THE BUM'S OUT — thebigpraetor @ 1:05 pm

It appears that for at least part of 2010 there may be no need to consider the Unified Tax Credit [Click Here For Article] While Congress frets over whose ox is getting gored it seems on every part of our behemoth government ~ all in the name of sneaky gambits engineered to get us citizens angry at one party or the other and thereby manipulate/sway our voting in upcoming elections, the expiration of Estate Tax has occurred at least for a few months [can we hope forever?] ~ perhaps for a year; of course they will fret that their collective ox is getting gored and probably change that, after all how would our government feed itself without revenue … hmmm what a novel idea. Anyway, I am not political and back to the point, the quirk is great news if you can use it January.

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