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October 11, 2009

Newnan Pratlaw Wills Are Not Expense: In Georgia You Need A Will

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The cost of a Will at R. Keith Prater, P.C. usually runs around $200; and only $200 for true reciprocal Husband & Wife wills as the time involved in the data processing of doing mirror wills for H&Ws is less than 20 minutes more than the hour+ it takes to do one will ~ though they do take more time, the service to the community is worth the bargain. My Wills are printed on heirloom quality paper and include tying and sealing each Will, a Will portfolio cover and a Will Envelope. There are additional custom provisions that occasionally, once in a blue moon, a client wants that can cause the price of my doing a Will to go up toward the $400-500 range, but almost all the Wills I have done over the years wind up being $200. I also include Living Wills as part of the package. If you live in Georgia you have to have a Will. There are no statutory provisions as there are in other States of the Union that allow for the relatively inexpensive probate of an estate. If one does not have a will in Georgia loved ones must post a bond at a substantial expense and produce numerous documents that are relatively complicated and require a lawyer to finish for presentation to a Court. In general an average Estate that is ‘Administered’ [without a will] will cost close to $2,000 in Court & bond costs and another $2,000 in attorneys fees; whereas an average Estate that is ‘Executed’ [has a will] will cost less than $500 in Court costs, no bond cost and $500 +/- in attorneys fees. Call today for an appointment and don’t put it off to another year.

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