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June 12, 2009

Drive Friendly Is A Thing Of The Past?

Filed under: Georgia,Pondering the Truth in Newnan — thebigpraetor @ 12:05 pm

Growing up in the Stephenville area of Texas I remember liking the driving slogan for Texas at that time which was “Drive Friendly”. Tejas meant as I recall “friend” and so it seemed natural to the children of the state that drivers would be encouraged to drive friendly. How times have changed ~ road rage, tailgating, impatient drivers wanting inexplicably in almost a pathelogical frenzy to get a car length or two ahead of you! And today Texans are comfortable with the slogan “Don’t Mess With Texas”?
Vehicle collisions are not normal and never have been normal. They are rare and almost always caused by agressive driving or inattentiveness that borders on bizzarre.
It is the insurance industry that has tried to normalize collisions and in a propaganda campaign that would have made J. Gobbels blush they assert that they are routine. How many have you been in? It is time to think in a big picture way about Insurance/big money/global financing/ control of the media and make one’s own conclusions

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