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June 9, 2009


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This is etched in stone:

Every person needs local counsel for any legal matter.

When and to whom, to send a legal matter ~ to a bigger or more specialized firm should be a decision made after a meeting with your local lawyer. A few cases call out for a firm with several lawyers who can all work on a case at the same time: Class Action law suits are the first type of case that comes to mind as they are difficult to get up and running and there are firms that do them as a matter of routine ~ and I know several of them. A multiple vehicle collision caused by a big truck on the interstate is another kind of case that probably needs more than one lawyer but your local lawyer here in Newnan, Peachtree City, Sharpsburg and Senoia, Fayetteville, Griffin and Greenville, and surrounding areas can do the initial investigation and associate other lawyers on the case if and when needed. I often associate another lawyer or firm to help me on these type of cases ~ sometimes after talking with my clients here in the office we make the decision to refer the entire case out, for example when the wreck is in another state or in another part of Georgia. Again, I have developed good working relationships with other lawyers and firms considered by many to be ‘preeminent’ in specialized fields, and while those lawyers are wholely independent of me and my practice, they know me and are happy to review cases that I refer to them. This is why I maintain the quotable line that is the title of this article.

Caveat: This post is neither advice or counsel regarding any legal matter. The poster’s legal opinion on any matter or referral to another attorney or firm must be formal, in writing and signed by the author to be valid. Keith Prater

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