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June 4, 2009

Filed under: Plan beforehand for life after divorce — thebigpraetor @ 9:23 am

Willie Nelson said it in the way of the great lyricist: “Divorce is so expensive because it is worth it”. An old friend of mine who gave up half of a lifetime of work and asset building said the same thing another way when at a diner party she answered my question about how she thought her divorce went and what she really thought about my representation of her now that the ‘dust had settled’. I held my breath because she was and is a friend and all of us know that she got to where she is in business because she is frank and to the point. She said without thinking ~ the truth was clearly behind her thoughts: “Keith, it was the best money I ever spent.” ~ this after 2 years of agony, tears and frustration about her losing everything to what amounted to a ‘house husband’ [both the kids were grown] and more than a few strains on our friendship. Divorce can be the beginning of a new life if you have a plan for the future because once the divorce is done both parties have new energy ~ will they spend it in mourning, anger, spite or in a new plan of action for their life. Energy will always go somewhere. Don’t kid yourself, divorce is very close to the pain of loosing a loved one and the sting and depression can be severe. I recommend some counseling and reflection ~ a good, sound church pastor, a good sound psychologist, a good sound life coach. My advice is slow your life down and spend a lot of time out of doors: garden; go to every state park and national park in Georgia for at least a night stay-over. Write down your goals, what were they when you were 18? Think about why are they are different now? Maybe they shouldn’t be … etcetera … think about who you are and how you have become. Change can be a great thing. Divorce can really be the best money ever spent in a lot of cases! Make your case one of those.

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